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September 2020 FAQ's

Covid-19 Specific FAQ's

What do I do if my  child has symptoms of Covid-19?

Please follow Government guidelines:

  • do not bring your child to school
  • contact the school each day with an update
  • you must arrange a test yourself
  • inform the school about the test result asap

What if my child has a positive Covid-19 test?

Please do not come into school and inform the school each day.  Anyone who tests positive must self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days.  After this period, if they feel better they may return to school.  Pupils who have a loss of taste or smell may return after 10 days if they feel well enough.

What do I do if someone my child lives with has symptoms?

Please do not bring your child to school. The person displaying symptoms must get tested.  Keep the school informed daily and let us know the test result.  Only return to school if the test result is negative

What if someone my child lives with tests positive for Covid-19?

Please do not bring your child to school.  They must self-isolate for 14 days.  Keep the school informed daily and only if they do not display Covid-19 symptoms after 14 days may they return to school.

What if NHS Track and Trace has identified my child as being in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19?

Please do not bring your child to school.  They must self-isolate for 14 days.  Keep the school informed daily and only if they do not display Covid-19 symptoms after 14 days may they return to school.

My child has a sniffle or a cold, can they attend school? 

We are heading to the winter season where colds are very common. If your child has a bit of a runny nose and are feeling well enough to attend they are still ok to attend school. If you child has a high temperature, a cough or a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste you MUST NOT send them to school.

School Site FAQ's

Can I use the school car park?

The only families to use the school car park are those using Happy Hours and who are on site before 8.25am and after 3.45pm when the gates are open. You must only park at the bottom of the drive on the playground side and walk up. This allows staff to park at the top and not get blocked in/block parents in and reduce the near misses.

Is it safe to use the leisure centre car park?

The leisure centre have been extremely accommodating allowing parents who need to drive to use the car park for the extended staggered times without penalty. Unfortunately, we have now had 2 cars damaged with the person responsible driving off. Please be courteous of each other and if accidents happen you must bring your details to the school. The leisure centre have CCTV and will pass on any accidents or incidents to us.

When should I arrive at school?

Please DO NOT arrive before your allotted time. This will avoid having to queue and the crossover of too many families. Please remember the current Government guidance of remaining 2 metres apart from other families. Click here for details of our entry and exit procedures.

How do I enter and exit school now?

If you are parked on the car park please walk up the slope and enter school on the leisure centre side. Please exit the school on the house side and walk back to the car park to the main entrance. This creates a one way system and ensures we are all kept safe.

Can the school be flexible with the start and finish times if there are siblings at different times?

Unfortunately not. The Government guidance states that schools should stagger the start and finish times to ensure that not too many people are entering school at any time. I understand that this is inconvenient for some, however we are unable to be flexible on this. Some families have gone back to the car then returned with the other sibling at their allocated time and some families within the same class bubble have linked up and worked together in the drop off of children.

 Is Mr Bruce going to be on the gate?

Mr Bruce is still at school and working really hard to make school as smart as it is. He will not be on the gate as part of his duties as senior leaders are doing this role for the time being. He sends his best wishes to all the families and wants to thank everyone that has asked how he is doing.

Is Happy Hours running a before and after school club?

Yes, Happy hours will be using the treetops building for Early years and year 1 children and year 2, 3 and 4 children will be in the school hall. There are a small number of places still available. Please contact Helen on if you would like to book any sessions. They will be working in year group bubbles.

Reception seem to have a shorter school day, will this impact on their education?

For some children in reception this will be their first time to attend a setting for the whole day and many struggle in the first term and find the days very long. We will be shortening the breaks and lunches in order that their education time is not affected.

My child has started Nursery or Reception, how do I access Parent Pay?

You will be given an activation letter by Friday 11th September. This will allow you to log on and set up your account and be able to order school lunches and pay for future trips and clubs. Until you receive this letter please ensure you have completed your school lunch paper request. If you have not received this, please call into reception to collect one.

When will these plans be reviewed?

These plans have been put in place for the Autumn term and will be reviewed regularly by Senior leaders and the Governors. We will of course, also be keeping on top of local and National reviews and adjust things accordingly. If any aspects of school change we will inform families by text, letter or email.

The School Day FAQ's

It is my child’s birthday, can we bring some sweets in for the class?

Although this is not an expectation and is discouraged, only sweets that are individually wrapped and left in the original sealed bag would be allowed. Any not in the original sealed bags will not be given out. We would hand these out at the end of the school day and ask the children to give them straight to Mums or Dads to decide if and when you want your child to have them.

Will my child’s temperature be taken at school?

We are not taking children’s temperatures as a matter of course or on arrival at school. However, if your child develops symptoms during the school day, we may take their temperature as a precaution. Please inform us if you do not want your child’s temperature to be taken.

Can my child bring their own hand sanitiser?

No, unless previously authorised by the school. The school ensures that all classrooms and communal areas are well stocked with the appropriate hand sanitiser.

Can my child bring their own break time snack and what can I bring?

The Government have started providing Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children with a free morning break time snack again. They vary each day but tend to be a piece of fruit such as a pear, apple or satsuma and on some occasions mini cucumber or sugar snap peas. If you are unsure if your child will eat this please feel free to send them in with a piece of fruit or vegetable to ensure they are not getting hungry during the morning. Please do not send anything other than fruit or veg. Children in year 3 and 4 are not included in the free fruit Government scheme so please do feel free to provide them with a healthy snack. They eat this about 10.30am.

Can my child bring a school bag to school?

No. As some classes are not having access to the cloakrooms they will be storing coats on rails in the classrooms. We do not have the room to store school bags as well. Children will only need to bring in a water bottle and a packed lunch (if they are not having a school dinner.) We will be providing each child with a pencil case so no stationery is required. Please bring any additional things like PE bags, wellies, changes of clothes etc. in the first week and we will then keep these in school for when needed. They will come home again ready for cleaning at October half term.

What footwear does my child need to wear?

Children will have designated areas to play on for their break and lunchtimes as their ‘class bubbles’ are not able to mix with other bubbles. Children in year 2 and year 4 have areas on the school fields to play. Please ensure they have appropriate footwear for this. Feel free to provide them with named wellies in case it is very wet.

How will school lunches work?

Children in the Nursery and Reception will be having their lunches in the school hall. All other classes will be eating in their classrooms. If you have ordered a school lunch through parent pay their lunch will be boxed up and delivered to their room in a paper bag with their name on. We have had to adapt our menu as children will be eating in their learning environments. Every meal will also have a veg pot and there is fruit available as a desert each day to accompany the packed lunch, jacket potato and hot menu offer.


Can my child get school milk again?

The Government will be starting up free milk for all children up to their 5th birthday. You are still able to purchase milk for your child after their 5th birthday. It works out at 20p a day. Simply let the office know if you would like milk and they will set this payment up on parent pay.

Do children need PE Kit in September?

Yes, children will be having PE lessons in their ‘class bubbles’ twice a week, and will be changing into their PE kit for this. If children could bring PE bags with them on their first day back and keep this bag in school for using. We will send it back with them each half term for washing and return it again after the holidays. Children in Nursery and Reception do not require a PE kit as they do PE in bare foot in the hall. Children in the Early years start to change for PE after Christmas.