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Year 3 - Home Learning - 29th June 2020

Week 5 Keep Healthy- Year 3 Connected Curriculum Ideas

Here are some more suggestions for our topic.  Please do not feel you have to complete them.

The activities can be completed in any order.

Activity 1- looking after your teeth

How many ways can you think of?

Can you make a poster or information sheet telling children how to look after their teeth? 

Click on the pictures

Activity 2-plan an investigation

This investigation tests the effect of different liquids on teeth.

You will need:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Different liquids-milk, orange juice, high sugar cola, water, vinegar
  • Jars/containers

The eggs are like your teeth.  You are going to see what happens to the eggs when they are left in the different liquids.  It’s up to you how long you leave them for, but a week is a good length of time.

You need to plan your investigation.

What are you going to do?

How are you going to make your test fair? (what are you going to change, what are you going to keep the same?)

What do you think will happen?

There is a powerpoint attached that you can look at.

The effects of different drinks on teeth

Activity 3 Create a piece of work inspired by the artist Andy Warhol

Find out about the Pop artist Andy Warhol.



Can you design your own soup can? 

Are you inspired to create a different piece of food pop art?

Activity 4- learn some more parts of the body in French

Activity 4- learn some more parts of the body in French

Can you draw a picture of you and label it with the body parts you know?

You could do one of your face and one of your whole body.

Activity 5-special foods

Find out about foods eaten on special occasions.

What special foods are eaten at Christmas, Easter, birthdays.

Think about special occasions in different religions like the Shabbat meal on a Friday night.

Plan your own special occasion meal. 

What would you eat and when would you eat it? 

Who would share your meal?


Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet

Go to 29th June is called ‘Shipwreck’. Can you draw your own shipwreck and write down some exciting adjectives (describing words) to describe the colour, shape, texture or size of the boat.

Question time!

What colour is the sea? Is it blue?

Why is this sea not blue?

Where have the crew gone?

How long has the ship been like this?

What’s the difference between a sea and an ocean? Is there a difference?

What’s the difference between a lake and an ocean?

If a millionaire is shipwrecked on an island, are they still a millionaire?

Have a go at answering the questions about the story.

Today’s activity is called preposition postcards’. Look at the postcards and write a sentence that includes one of the prepositions from the list to add extra detail to your sentence.

E.g. Yesterday we went to the seaside and we had lots of fun. We put the parasol up and next to it we built a sandcastle. 

Challenge: Make your postcard that includes some writing and a picture.

Today’s activity is called ‘Have a grate Summer Brake’.

Read through the piece of writing and look for all the incorrect spellings.

Can you rewrite the passage with the correct homophones.

(A homophone is a word that sounds the same but is spelt differently and has a different meaning).

Today’s activity is a comprehension called ‘How the Sun, Moon and Wind went out to Dinner’.

Read through the questions and answer the 4 questions.

Today’s activity is called ‘Crazy Criss-Cross’. Answer the clues to fill in the crossword. Can you work out the secret word and write a sentence with it in.


Lesson 1 - Draw accurately

Lesson 2 - Recognise and describe 2D shapes

Lesson 3 - Recognise and describe 3D shapes

Lesson 4 - Tell the time to 5 minutes

Lesson 1 - Draw accurately worksheet

Lesson 2 - Recognise and describe 2D shapes

Lesson 3 - Recognise and describe 3D shapes

Lesson 4 - Tell the time to 5 minutes