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Year 1 - Home Learning 1st June 2020

Our connected curriculum topic this half term is ‘Best of Britain’. You will have received our parent sheet with details of our new topic and all the areas of learning. Over this half term we are going to be learning about Britain with a focus on our capital city London.

These are not expected activities and are only to support you if you want further ideas. Please do not put yourself or your child under any pressure to complete. We would advise you not to try and emulate a school day and just work through any activities you are able to. Do not worry if you do not have a printer or any of the resources at home for these activities as you can adapt them however you like to suit you and your child.

If you complete any of these activities and you want us to see, feel free to email us pictures or send them to where it will be put onto our Picknalls socials for us to see.

Thank you, Mrs Cornes and Miss Adams


Connected Curriculum Activities

For our home learning activities, we are going to provide a mix of connected curriculum, our science topic of plants and flowers, our Religion topic of Places of Worship and other subject specific activities.

Activity 1: Art Can you colour, collage or paint the British flag?

Activity 2: Music Can you learn the national anthem?

Activity 3: ICT Can you research what Britain is famous for?

Activity 4: PE Can you complete a Yoga session on Cosmic Kids yoga YouTube?

Activity 5: Can you research and draw pictures of the four British national flowers?

English Activities - Week 1

For our English home learning, we want to focus on the key skills required when writing sentences and creative writing. This week, we will provide the children with a range of pictures that aim to inspire creative thinking and writing. Under each picture, there will be a different task for the children to complete

Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 5
Phonics Activities - Week 1

This week we are going to learn four new sounds and use phonics flowers. Please play the video link to your child first. Allow them to then think of some words that include that sound or find something around the home that includes this sound. Then move onto the activity sheet. If you do not have a printer to print these sheets do not worry, just use a piece of paper and draw your own phonics sound flowers.

ay ou ie ea Recap



Maths Activities - Week 1

At school we use White Rose Maths to support our maths learning. White Rose is offering free online learning videos which cover these lessons below. Please click the link below and allow your child to watch the video first before completing the independent worksheet. Along with the lesson worksheet for each lesson we have also attached the answer sheet for you to mark your child’s work after and discuss any corrections.  

Doubles - Worksheet Grouping - Worksheet Sharing - Worksheet Find Half - Worksheet Challenges - Worksheet
Doubles - Video Grouping - Video Sharing - Video Find Half - Video

Doubles - Answers


Sharing-Answers Find Half - Answers Challenges - Answers