Welcome to the Governor's section of our website.  Below is a list of our current Governor's, the class and subject they linked to, type of Governor and the date of the end of their term.  Underneath this list is the register of pecuniary interests for this year.


Type Name Occupation Link Class HT PM Additional Roles and Responsibilities Term of Office Ends
Headteacher Anne Tapp Headteacher - Governor Training, DSL Ongoing
Co-Opted Penny Plant Bursar - 07.10.2018
Co-Opted James Russell Vet

2 (NJ)


Vice Chair of Governors, Staff Liaison (Primary Contact) 31.03.2021
Co-Opted Grahame Cope Deputy Headteacher - Assessment, DDSL & Prevent (School Lead) 31.03.2021
Co-Opted Paul Johnson Team Leader

5 (CT)

6 (AK)

Chair of Governors, Curriculum Lead, Child Protection, Concern Forms & SCR 31.03.2021
Co-Opted Clare Goodenough Administrative Assistant - Finance and Personnel Lead 31.03.2021
Co-Opted Mark Underwood Retired Link 
Parent George Holland Sales Representative FS2 (SH) Prevent (Governor Lead) 27.04.2019
Parent Tessa Clay Finance Officer 8 (MR) Sports Premium Liaison, Staff Liaison (Secondary Contact) 27.04.2019
Staff Angela Jones Teacher - H&S Lead, SMSC & British Fundamental Values 29.09.2019
Parent Heidi Elsemore Inclusion Manager

3 (SS)

4 (JDS)

SEN, Pupil Premium, LAC 25.01.2020
Parent Charlotte Gallimore Company Director 19.07.2021

Clerk to Main Governing Body - Peter Davies (Entrust)

Additional H&S Sub-Committee Members - Mr Righton and Mrs Palmer


Governor Attendance

Full Governors Meetings

Register of Pecuniary Interest 2018/19

Governor Date Renewed Interest
Anne Tapp 10th October 2018 None declared
Grahame Cope 10th October 2018 None declared
Paul Johnson 10th October 2018 None declared
Charlotte Gallimore 10th October 2018 None declared
James Russell 15th November 2017 Landlord of a member of teaching staff

Clare Goodenough

10th October 2018 Partner works at Peak Wildlife park
Penny Plant  10th October 2018 None declared

George Holland

10th October 2018 None declared

Tessa Clay

10th October 2018 None declared

Heidi Elsemore

10th October 2018 None declared

Mark Underwood

10th October 2018 None declared