Financial Overview of Sports Premium 2014-15

Monies received = £8,880

Expenditure = £7,637

Carried forward = £1,243

Sports Premium  Report 2015-16

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Factors to be assessed


Sources of evidence


How has the funding been spent?



Funding allocated





1. Training and development for all staff to support the delivery of high quality PE lessons, following the decision to cease using Stoke City Football in the Community to deliver PE during PPA, from September 2015.

2.  Training and development for all staff to support the implementation of the new national curriculum for PE.

3. Training and development on the implementation of the new Uttoxeter “I Can” statements for assessment of PE.


  • Planning, lesson observations,PLT paperwork,assessments and staff survey.











·       Staff release time for CDP on Tuesday 29th September 2015.

·       Staff release time for CPD on 19th January 2016

·       Games planning resources purchased for the school

·       Champions Whole School PE Primary planning purchased.

·       Val Sabin Activate 5 in the Classroom purchased for Early Years.

·       Membership of Uttoxeter Schools Partnership (USP).

·       Cost of supply for PLT session 19th January 2016


















£1,750 (3 termly payments)



·       PLT delivered a PE training session at a staff meeting to support staff.

·       Staff more confident in delivering all aspects of PE. 

·       Enhanced quality of teaching and learning through more detailed plans

·       PLT attends meetings on a regular basis to ensure that all Sports and PE requirements are in place for the school.

·       Free tuition from the FA to support the delivery of football in PE lessons.

·       Meeting on 19th January resulted in Burton schools adopting the Uttoxeter Schools “I Can” assessment statements.

·       Enhanced quality of PE delivery across the school

·       Planning resources now available as documents and on-line. 

·       Teachers’ needs continue to be reviewed through staff surveys.

·       Monitoring of staff through observations and assessments will identify areas of strength and areas for development.

·       Another training session on Games is planned for June 22nd 2016.

·       Continue to attend PLT meetings.

·       Sessions delivered to Years 2 and 3.  Lesson plans provided for use in subsequent years.

·       I Can Statements will be reviewed at the end of this academic year.

4. Audit of resources to ensure that all lessons have appropriate and safe equipment.




·          Audit of resources carried out annually.

·          List of equipment and location issued to all staff.

·          Sortsafe audit carried out annually.

·          Wickstead audit of playground equipment to take place Summer 2016.


·          Purchase of 2 chipfoam mats.

·          2 sets of hoops.

·          5 sets of spots

·          1 set of 48 beanbags

·          1 pack of foam balls

·          2 sets of 48 tennis balls

·          10 howlers

·          Bibs

·          6 soft rounders bats

·          2 Kwik cricket sets

·          2 sets of Hi-Five netball bibs

·          3 sets of pop-up goals

·          30 yellow size 3 footballs

·          Audit of playground equipment.

·          Purchase of gum shields for Year 4 hockey.

·          Purchase of 30 footballs and 3 sets of pop-up goals to resource football lessons



















Cost to be determined.





·       All lessons appropriately resourced.

·       All equipment checked and safe.

·          Improved quality of equipment

·          Improved quantity of equipment.

·          Audit of equipment will take place annually.

5. Participation in school clubs (after school or lunchtime).

·  Register of club participants

·  List of clubs provided

·          Subsidised after school club for KS1 football with Stoke City Football in the Community due to popular demand.

·          Subsidised Multi-Skills Club for KS1 provided by BACT.

·          Subsidised Girls’ Football Club delivered by BACT Summer 2015.

·          Subsidised after school club for KS2 tennis with Burton Albion Community Trust

·          Free lunchtime club provided by the FA for KS2 girls.

·          Free Tag Rugby Cub supported by Uttoxeter Rugby club.

·          Training of School Play Leaders funded through membership of the USP.

£324 (Autumn 2015)





£100 (Summer1 2015)







£150 (Spring 1)

£180 (Summer 1)







 Partnership costs detailed in section 1.


·   Increased numbers of participation in comparison to last year.

·  First time the tennis club has been offered.  It has been so popular that BACT have provided a second coach to support participation.

·  The presence of Uttoxeter Rugby Club coaches enables provision for pupils from Years 2, 3 and 4 and developed enhanced school club link opportunities.

·  KS1 pupils are given the opportunity to take part in active play every lunchtime.

·          Stoke City continue to offer clubs for KS1 and KS2. Links mean that some pupils are identified as G & T and go forward to the Development Centre.

·          Club extended to Summer 1 due to popularity.  Funding used to support costs.

·          Links with this club encourage pupils to attend the Rugby Club sessions.  Maintaining participation outside of school environment and into competitive opportunities.

·          This will continue throughout the academic year.

6. Extend opportunities for participation in sport in school.

·  Minutes of School Sports Council.

·  Website

·  Newsletter

·          Employment of a badminton coach to deliver 30 minute workshops to EYFS, KS1 and KS2 20th November 2015.

·          Employment of a badminton coach for a Year 4 inter-house badminton tournament.

·          Employment of a hockey coach for Year 4

·          Free provision of a sports programme by BACT for Year 4.

·          KS1 Multi-skills event funded through membership of USP.

·          Stoke City Roadshow offered a free half day activity in football for all KS1 pupils.

·          The costs of a 3 day residential at Shugborough Outdoor Activity Centre were subsidised in order to ensure full participation.

·          A whole school Egg and Spoon race was organised by Mrs Jordi. This was an inter house competition. In addition all pupils took part in an orienteering activity.


















Partnership costs detailed in section 1.












·          All pupils, took part in a badminton skills session.

·          As a direct result of the badminton day, the School Sports Council decided to run an inter-house badminton competition for Year 4 pupils.

·          School Sports Council has also run inter-house competitions in tag rugby and hockey to date.

·          The BACT programme is designed to identify G & T pupils who can be offered additional opportunities.

·          All KS1 pupils will have participated in at least 3 additional sporting activities within the school curriculum.

·          All pupils in Year 4 took part in the residential.

·          Alternative provision helps ensure all pupils have experience at opportunities which support lifelong participation in physical activity and sport

·          All pupils from Nursery to Year 4 took part in this race and the winning house was presented with a trophy in assembly.

·          School Sports Council members are planning inter-house competitions in cross country, rounders and football – as well as organising the Sports Day events.

·          The development of good working relationships with outside agencies means that we continue to be offered free opportunities for sports provision.

·          Involvement of all pupils in two sporting activities underpins the school’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

7. Participation and success in competitive school sports.

·  Website

·  Notice board

·  Newsletters

·  Trophy cabinet

·  Assemblies

·  Fixture list

·  Team sheets / participant lists

·       Membership of the Uttoxeter Schools’ Partnership

·       Attendance at Level 3 School Games event at Keele University

·       Attendance at Girls’ Football  Festival at St George’s Park 30th April 2015.

·       Membership of the Cheadle and District Schools’ Sports Association.

·       Provision of CADSSA Tag Rugby Tournament.

·       Purchase of medals and trophies for competitions.

·       Attendance at Shobnall Hockey Tournament March 2016 with 4 teams and 32 pupils from Year 4 taking part.

·       Attendance at the girls’ football festival at St George’s Park.

·       Transport costs for all other events.

Partnership costs detailed in section 1.






















·          Participation in 3 external competitions from April 2015 to April 2016 for KS1.

·          Runners up at 2 KS1 external competitions from April 2015 to April 2016.

·          Participation in 23 external competitions from April 2015 to April 2016.

·          Winners of 6 external competitions from April 2015 to April 2016.

·          Runners up for 3 KS2 external competitions from April 2015 to April 2016.

·          Funding was used to pay for a SCFC coach to support a second team – allowing all those who wanted to participate to do so.

·          Attendance at Level 3 School Games in July 2015 for Cross Country and Tag Rugby.

·  Years 3 and 4 cross country teams have qualified for the Level 3 School Games.

·  Continued investment into USP and CADSSA will maintain competitive opportunities for pupils

8. Inclusion

·  Planning

·  Time-table

·  Participation in lessons after-school clubs and events.

·  Pupil progress reports

·  Assessment

·       Val Sabin purchased to develop early fine and gross motor skills in Early Years.

·       All pupils participate in 2 hours of PE lessons a week.

·       All pupils offered the opportunity to take part in clubs, most of which are provided at no cost.

·       Transport costs to events funded to ensure that cost is not a deterrent for participation.

·       Change for Life Club provided by BACT for Year 4 pupils and parents.

·       Change for Life Festival for Year 4 non-participants.

·       Change for Life Club run by BACT for Year 3 non-participants and extended to Year 4 (Summer 1 2015).

See section 1.






 Cost of clubs in section 4.



See section 6.




No cost.



 Partnership costs detailed in section 1.



·   All Early Years pupils take part in Activate on a regular basis.

·  Pupils develop key core skills and make good progress in PE. Lessons help to identify pupils who need more support and G & T pupils who are then targeted.

·  Funding of transport means that pupils selected for events are able to attend, regardless of personal circumstances (physical or financial).

·  In 2015, of the 59 pupils in Year 4, only one had not taken part in a club or represented the school at an external event by the end of the academic year.

·  12 pupils targeted initially from Year 3. This was extended to Year 4 pupils resulting in 22 pupils less active pupils taking part.

·  Inclusive approach to competitions with disabled participants taking part in mainstream events in an adaptive format (eg  Year 3/4 hockey competition)

·         Staff are confident at delivering the curriculum and the resource is embedded in Early Years.

·         Pupils are given targeted support to improve physical literacy.

·         G & T pupils are identified and routes into clubs provided.

9. Partnership Work on PE with other schools and partners

·          Minutes of USP meetings

·          Minutes of CADSSA meetings

·          Minutes of Uttoxeter First Schools Educational Partnership meetings.

·          Membership of USP

·          Membership of CADSSA

See sections 1 and 7 for costs.

See sections 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8.

·      All three links will continue next year.

10.  Links with other subjects that contribute to pupils’ overall achievement and greater SMSC skills.

·    Year 4 Raising Aspirations project plans

·    Celebration Assemblies

·    Healthy Living Week June 2015.

·    Sport Relief

·    Play-leaders’ timetable.

·    Literacy Event timetable.

·          Raising Aspirations project delivered by BACT to all Year 4 pupils.

·          Literacy Event at Stoke City Football ground.

·          The School celebrates participants in all and any type of sporting activity.

·          Year 4 Sports Council take responsibility for organising events.

·          Year 4 Play Leaders work within the younger school community.

·          Fundraising for Sport Relief and a morning of PE activities with classes rotating to different teachers. School Sports Council members supported these activities.

















·  Pupils more aware of job requirements and the importance of acquiring transferable skills.

·  Six pupils in Year 4 were given the opportunity to take part in this event which showed the importance of English and Maths within a sporting career.  The event was filmed for television and attendees met and interviewed Phil Bardsley.

·  Emphasis on teamwork and school motto reinforced on a regular basis.

·  Promotion of the values of responsibility and respect within school.


·          Health and Nutrition workshop planned for Summer 2016

·          Assemblies continue to celebrate sporting activities.

·          Pupils understand the importance of teamwork and belonging to a wider community.

·          Play Leaders will continue to work with younger pupils.

·          Sports Council will continue to organise inter-school events.