"Pupils are proud of their school, as they make good progress and are enthused by the redesigned curriculum. One pupil said to an inspector, ‘we are a team who all help each other’." Ofsted April 2016

Connected Curriculum 2016-17

Picknalls First School Connected Curriculum Plan 2016/17


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Autumn 1st Half Term

EYFS Unit 1 –
'Amazing Machines'
A science focus looking at healthy living.
Year 1 Unit 1 –
A geographical focus including landscapes, plants and animals.
Year 2 Unit 1 –
'The Isle of Struay'
A geographical focus comparing a Scottish Island to Uttoxeter.
Year 3 Unit 1 –
'Groovy Greeks'
A historical focus learning all about the Greeks and comparing to life today.
Year 4 Unit 1 –
A geographical focus looking at aspects of Canada

Autumn 2nd Half Term

EYFS Unit 2 –


A look at celebrations around the world.

Year 1 Unit 2 –

'Through the


A historical focus.

Year 2 Unit 2 –

'Animal Magic'

Literacy based theme based on Mr Percy's Magical Greenhouse and Leon and the Place Between

Year 3 Unit 2 –

'Healthy Me'

A scientific focus on teeth, healthy eating, digestion and exercise.

Year 4 Unit 2 – 


A historical focus studying the Tudors.

Spring 1st Half Term

EYFS Unit 1 –

'A World of Wonder'

A scientific focus looking at the planets.

 Year 1 Unit 1 –

'A Winters Tale'

A geography focus studying road safety.

 Year 2 Unit 1 –

'Famous People'

A historical focus studying Queen Elizabeth I, Samuel Pepys and Florence Nightingale.

Year 3 Unit 1 –

'The Stone Age'

A historical focus studying the Stone Age.

 Year 4 Unit 1 –

'Moving and Growing'

A scientific focus studying the human body.

Spring 2nd Half Term

 EYFS Unit 2 –

'A Land far Away'

A literacy based focus looking at traditional tales.

 Year 1 Unit 2 –

'Once Upon a Time'

A historical focus comapring old and new toys.
 Year 2 Unit 2 –

‘Travel and Adventure'

A geographical focus studying Mexico.

 Year 3 Unit 2 –

'Wonderful World''

A scientific focus looking at creation and pollution.

 Year 4 Unit 2 –'

'The Victorians'

'A historical focus looking at what was life like for a Victorian child.

Summer 1st Half Term

 EYFS Unit 1 –

'Marvellous Minibeasts'

A literacy based focus studying jungle animals and rhyming words.

Year 1 Unit 1 –


A historical focus comparing old and new toys.

Year 2 Unit 1 –

'Caring for Our Planet'

A scientific focus on caring for the environment.


Year 3 Unit 1 –


A historical focus looking at aspects of Roman life.

Year 4 Unit 1 –

'The Antarctic'

A scientific focus studying habitats and thermal insulators.

Summer 2nd Half Term

 EYFS Unit 2 –

'We're going on a Journey'

A geographical focus looking at transport.

 Year 1 Unit 2 –


A historical focus comparing old and new seasides.

Year 2 Unit 2 –

'Traditional Tales'

A literacy based focus sharing Little Red Riding Hood.


Year 3 Unit 2 –
'Journey through Europe'

A  geographical focus identifying key aspects of Europe.

Year 4 Unit 2 –

'Transition Project'

A joint project between the other First schools to lead the children into Middle schools.


We believe Picknalls First School should be a wonderful place where children want to be and learning takes place both in and out of the classroom.  Learning should be through a mixture of exploration, discovery, creativity and a variety of sensory and kinaesthetic experiences which encourage learners to want to explore more in a journey of lifelong learning.They will learn the English and Maths skills needed for life and learning to progress in their education.

Whatever their background they will learn to shape their futures and develop their unique capacities and skills.  They will be encouraged to be curious and use thinking skills to innovate, be creative and problem solve.  They will develop the first understandings of employment and entrepreneurship.  A primary education should set learners up for life, with the knowledge and skills to be well-rounded individuals, meantally and physically healthy, with an appreciation for and agenerosity towards people, the world and the universe around them.

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