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  • 28 Mar 2017
    28th March 2017 Newsletter

    In this edition you will find information on: Red Nose Day, World Book Day Cake Sale, Dinner Money increase, Travel survey, Easter Activities Important Dates

  • 10 Feb 2017
    Newsletter - Friday 10th February 2017

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  • 16 Jan 2017
    Picknalls Newsletter - 13th January 2017

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    5th December 2016 Newsletter

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  • 11 Nov 2016
    11th November 2016

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Latest Newsletter 28th March 2017

Red Nose Day 2017

Friday 24th March was a very colourful day at Picknalls First School.  Thank you to everyone who joined in and gave a donation to this worthwhile cause.  You managed to raise a massive £463.32!

Well done to Mr Cope for taking a pie in the face for the cause, too!  Photographic and video evidence will be published shortly!

Mother’s Day Tea Party

Thank you to everyone who attended the Mother’s Day Tea Party on Friday afternoon, it was great to see so many people.  We hope you enjoyed a slice of Mrs Righton’s delicious cakes!  Many thanks to her, Mr Bruce and Mrs Jones for organising the event. 

Parents’ Assemblies

Parents are invited to the following upcoming assemblies:

  • Thurs 30th March - 2.45pm - Year 3 Violins
  • Weds 5th April -2.40pm- FS1
  • Weds 10th May-2.50pm-Class 5

Travel Survey

Staffordshire County Council have made the following request:

Staffordshire County Council will need to provide additional First, Middle and Secondary school places in Uttoxeter over the next ten years to ensure there are sufficient school places for the additional children that will be generated from new housing in the area. 

In order to form an appropriate strategy to provide the additional school places required we are keen to understand how your child(ren) travel to and from school each day.  

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes of your time to complete our online survey.  Your feedback will be used to help determine the likely increase of traffic around each of the school sites and any additional travel requirements.

You can find a link to the survey on our website home page, alternatively you can access the site through:

World Book Day Cake Sale

Many thanks to everyone involved in the cake sale, whether you donated some delicious home-baking or managed to purchase something before it was all gone!  Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Curtis for organising the sale.  The total amount raised was £454.10 and this will be used to refresh our reading scheme materials.

Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Active Kids is back and with your support now’s the time to help even more kids to eat well, move well and live well.  Please bring in any vouchers your receive with your shopping.  We can put these towards free equipment to be used in school.  Many thanks in advance.


Mrs N Jones (Nursery) is very excited to announce that she is expecting her first baby!  She will begin her Maternity Leave after we break up for the Summer Holidays.

We are sure you will join us in congratulating her and wishing best wishes to the Jones family for the future!

Dinner Money Increase

Please make a note that from Monday 3rd April 2017 school lunches will change in price from £2.15 per day to £2.20.  This will automatically change in ParentPay and your account will be charged accordingly.

Health & Safety on Site

There was an incident before school opened this week where a child was almost hit by a car on school grounds.

To make sure children stay safe while waiting for the playground gates to open please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not allow children to ride their bikes, scooters etc while on school grounds
  • Drivers must not exceed the 5 mph speed limit on site
  • All pedestrians must stay on the footpaths while the main gate is open

Parents are reminded that they are responsible for supervising their children until a member of staff is manning the playground gate. 

Happy Hours Ofsted

We are very pleased to inform you that Happy Hours @ Picknalls have recently been awarded a ‘Good’ outcome for their February Ofsted inspection.  We were especially happy to read that the inspector thought that:

 Partnership working with the host school is very good. Staff use information about children's learning in school to plan activities in the club. This enables children to continue their learning even further. -Ofsted, March 2017

Congratulations and well done to all the Happy Hours staff who “are passionate about providing a good standard of care and play for children.” Ofsted - March 2017

Easter Activity Day

Mrs Jordi is very busy organising our annual Easter Activity Day which will be held on Thursday 6th April.  In brief the details are:

  • EYFS and KS1 are welcome to make and bring in an Easter Bonnet to be judged by Mrs Plant and Mr Bruce. A prize will be given to the best girl and boy in each class.
  • Every child is being asked to bring in a hard-boiled egg for decorating during the day.
  • Each class will take part in a Easter Egg Treasure Hunt.
  • Everyone will also take part in a House competition Egg and Spoon Race with the overall winning house receiving the Picknalls Egg Cup Trophy!
  • Easter Egg Raffle Tickets will be sold by Year 4 children in class from Wednesday 29th March, please send ticket money into school with your child who can make a purchase during the day. Tickets cost £1, the draw will be made on Wednesday 5th April with prizes being given out during Thursday’s Easter assembly.
  • The PTA are also offering an adult Easter Eggs-travaganza Hamper as a separate raffle prize! Tickets are also £1 and will be available to buy from Mrs Jones, Early Years playground gate, from Wednesday 29th March.

Education City

We have taken out a subscription to the online educational resource, Education City, which includes home access.  You will shortly receive a personalised letter with your child’s login details.  You can now track your child’s progress and use the Revision journal to support your child in any areas in which they struggle. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Picknalls on Twitter

Mrs Jones has recently been hit by the Twittter bug!  She is posting lots of Tweets about the exciting things that are happening in Early Years and other events in school. She would love to increase our number of followers, which is currently at 109.  She was thrilled to receive a comment from the official Red Nose Day team about our sales this week!

Please join in and add @Picknalls to your list!

Important Dates and Events

March 2017

Thursday 30th

2.45pm—Year 3 Violin performance to parents

April 2017

Monday 3rd

9.15am - Reception eye tests


9.30am-Year 3 and 4 Swimming Gala at Cheadle Leisure Centre


10.00am-Uttoxeter Learning Trust launch ceremony at Picknalls First School, children only

Tuesday 4th

9.30am-KS1 multi-skills at Thomas Alleynes High School

Wednesday 5th

Year 3 visit to Conkers


2.40pm doors open for 2.50pm start - FS1 class assembly, parents welcome

Thursday 6th

Easter Activity Day


Interim reports sent home


6.00pm– Finance/Personnel Governors meeting

Friday 7th

Last day of term


Non-uniform day—please send in a small donation towards the Governors’ book token fund


5.45-7.00pm - EYFS and KS1 PTA Spring Fling Disco


7.00-8.15pm-KS2 PTA Spring Fling Disco


8.30am-Progressive Sports holiday activity club

Monday 24th

Back to school

MAY 2017

Monday 1st

May Day Bank Holiday

Friday 5th

Governor Away Day

Monday 8th

1.30pm-Tesco providing Year 2 with Little Red Riding Hood food tasting basket

Wednesday 10th

2.50pm –Class 5 assembly, parents welcome

Thursday 11th

9.15am—Tempest Year 4 leavers photo’s-groups and individuals

Tuesday 16th

6pm-Full Governors meeting

Wednesday 24th

Star Foundation activity day –dodgeball

Friday 26th

Last day of half term

June 2017

Monday 5th

Back to school


Healthy Living Week

Wednesday 7th

9.30am-KS1 Sports Day


1.30pm-KS2 Sports Day

Friday 9th

10.00am-EYFS Sports Day and picnic


Year 1 Phonics Check during the week

Monday 19th

10.00am-EYFS Summer Performance dress rehearsal, children only

Tuesday 20th

10.00am-EYFS Summer Performance to parents


2.00pm-EYFS Summer Performance to parents

Wednesday 21st

6.00pm-Curriculum Governors meeting

 Due to circumstances beyond our control dates are liable to change so please double check on our website.